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Day 1
16 Sep 2023

Welcome: Bill Dungey

Resilience is a skill. To assign our focus for the day, SIXFEET founder Bill Dungey will connect the 'Heroic Ideal' to keeping upstream mental health training for all public service personnel.
Bill Dungey SSW

Plenary Panel: Make Things Better.

This panel discussion will pull from field experts, frontline workers and senior leaders to platform two ideas; creating grass roots wellness programming and improving existing programs in organizations where stagnation and misaligned focus can derail programs with good intentions.
Officer Jeremy Burns
Laura Dowler MSW RSW
Assistant Deputy Fire Chief Gary Bridge
Bill Dungey SSW

Coffee Break: Sponsored by FRY Canada.

Presentation: FRY – Yoga for First Responders

high-level discussion of the findings of this work and offer policy-level and theoretical/methodological-level recommendations and supports that can be taken up in future praxis-based considerations.
Bryan Stevens

Presentation: Interactive Presentation on Wellness Together Canada: Empowering First Responders and Adjacent Communities with Actionable Resiliency Tools

Wellness Together Canada is a Health Canada funded partnership between, Stepped Care Solutions, Kids Help Phone and Homewood Health.
Kait Saxton, Stepped Care Solutions

Presentation: Mental Fitness for Post Traumatic Growth

When we take a redemptive perspective to our story, we experience greater wellbeing and we are healthier. Taking charge of your life story allows you to become the hero emerging from within.
Lorena Krasnai MA Leadership, CAPP, CHRL

Lunch: Sponsored by FRY Canada.

Presentation: Somatic Exercises for Trauma

Somatic exercise focuses on a bottom-up approach to trauma recovery. Rather than starting in conversation about emotions or cognition, this approach focuses on how the body responds to trauma and how that, in turn, affects the brain.
Laura Dowler MSW RSW

Coffee Break: Sponsored by FRY Canada.

Presentation: London Fire Wellness Program

Impacts of trauma on the brain and how this information influenced the development of the wellness program within London Fire.
Assistant Deputy Fire Chief Gary Bridge

Call to Action

Our people DESERVE the best possible preparation for their career. To close the conference, our founder will offer a call for all participants to drive forward the mission; bringing actionable resilience skills to our first responders and people in adjacent communities.
Bill Dungey SSW

Offsite Workshop: Introduction to Martial Arts & ‘Big 4’ Tools for Developing Resilience

Attendees who purchase the workshop add-on will be brought through a fundamental technique of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu called a 'guard break' alongside the 'Big 4 Tools of Mental Resiliency' - Mental Rehearsal, Goal Setting, Positive Self Talk and Tactical Breathing. This presentation is a physical introduction to self-care and is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Comfortable shorts required - custom rashguard provided!
Bill Dungey SSW